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Even as “Aashiqui” celebrates 25 years, Anu Aggarwal returns from the ashes to tell her startling story.

To Hell And Back: The sultry starlet burst through Bollywood, only to vanish into a world of tantric sex and spiritual yoga. Anu Aggarwal reveals almost all in a new book.​–

On the menu Bombay, glitz, modelling on the international circuit, tantric yoga and exploring with sex. It makes for a tantalizing view from an insider’s perspective...

I lost the love game'    ------------ The Asian Age​   

The Nineties Girl: Anu Aggarwal’s memoir is confessional—a romantic view of her roller-coaster life.  liveMint     

Anu Aggarwal recounts, car accident, coma, lives and loves in new book

'Aashiqui' girl Anu Aggarwal bares all in memoir

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Agarwal Tells Her Story, Applauded by Mahesh Bhatt


​LIVING TO TELL THE TALE                            ------                     Mumbai Mirror

Anu Aggarwal's chilling account of accident, out of body experience will give you goosebumps

                                                                                                             Daily Bhaska

My life's wilder than a blockbuster: Anu Aggarwal - Deccan Chronicle

Reintroducing Chandralekha! - Deccan Chronicle

How We Wish this Memoir was a Wee Bit More Aashiqui, A Wee Bit ...

Anu-usual account.

'Anusual' journey of a Bollywood diva ' -

Snapshots of a Yesteryear Diva

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Masala! Talks to Anu Aggarwal

​'Aashiqui' reunion, Anu Aggarwal with Rahul Roy at her book launch 
                                  Indian Express





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​Anusual review: Anu Aggarwal writing is tantalizing and sensual...

I wake up.

Dr Kartik exclaims in a glee:

–You are alive! 

This is a miracle. 

pg 140, ANUSUAL

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